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How to Do Unit Pricing and Nail It

If you’re anything like me, certain things were pretty scary when I was younger.  Standard issue track and swim suits in high school (designed to not be revealing but were *always* too small), mystery meat Wednesdays in the cafeteria, Home Economics, Algebra, etc.  I still get shivers when recalling these.  So what could be worse? […]


This Little-Used FREE APP Can Save You Money

Hint #1: Most cell phones manufactured in the last 10 years support it… Hint #2: No phone upgrade is required (software or hardware)… Hint #3: It’s FREE and doesn’t even require downloading… Bonus Hint: It’s not your phone’s alarm clock!  That helps with time (not money, arguably), plus we’d have to rule it out due […]


Why BOGO is Typically A No-No

Let’s take a peek into BOGO: “Buy One Get One” offers. Shoe stores are great at this. A couple of “Famous”-type chains tend to have a seasonal BOGO sale. Lately I have seen this a lot, perhaps due to economic times. Buy One, Get One… Half Off, or maybe even a Buy One, Get One […]