Introductions and Why We’re Here

Here we go!  Dealicacy, post number one.  We could start virtually anywhere, but I should probably take this opportunity to bring you up to speed first.

First of all – WELCOME!  You are likely here because we have at least one thing in common: we are bargain hunters.  Not just any deal will do, though, we have reasons to go with our purchase intent, and our instincts are finely tuned to notice a good thing when we see it.  In short, we will bite for a true “dealicacy.”

I’m Nathan, and I’m pleased to have you along.  I spent nearly ten years in the corporate offices of a well-known Fortune 100 retailer, and I picked up quite a few good things along the way in management.  Although retail is generally evolved from the concept of a free market, it has become an ever more complex game of exclusivity and arbitrage, and a science of separating a person from their wallet.  Dealicacy is a blog geared to helping you cut through the gristle of retail propaganda and get you to the good stuff.

If you are looking for a blog where the intent is to post abusive, “black hat,” or vindictive strategies to save a buck, you are in the wrong place.  However, if you are seeking sound advice, strategies, hints, and tip-offs that level, and even tilt the retail playing field in your favor, then read on.

Electronics? We know the buzz. Groceries and Restaurants?  Carve it up. Coupons? We practically cut the best ones for you. Special alerts? Consider yourself in the know.

So grab a chair and don’t be shy – eat up, your Dealicacy is served.  Here’s your first tip: Sign up for our official newsletter so you don’t miss a thing.

Talk Soon,

– Nathan

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