Back Away… Slowly… (Not All Deals Are Created Equal)


Get back in your car, close the weekly ad, put down the scissors. You only think you are getting the best deal this week.

Of course, you could be right. It could be a great deal. One not to be passed up. But are you simply lucky, or two weeks from now (just outside of the pricing policy terms for adjusting your purchase price) will you be feeling sick to your stomach?

From what you know by reading your introductions to Dealicacy (All I Got Was The Fine Print, The Biggest Money-Saving Secret), the only expectable outcome of any deal or sale — profit — goes to the retailer. Regardless of what price you paid, you spent money and the seller received it. No matter how much you “saved”, you had to spend your money to get those “savings”. So take a big step back and wait a bit. Given that deals, sales, and the like tend to recur, patience is a virtue and truly the biggest weapon in the consumer’s toolbox.

This is closely followed by…

Knowledge. Here’s where we start to connect the dots past the “take a deep breath and hold on” top-level strategy. Next up is the first of many posts describing the constant revolving door of coupons, deals, promotions and strategies employed by retailers to get you to part with your money. And, of course, how to choose wisely to beat them. And here’s a plug for our newsletter: Each post will be just the beginning.  Sign up and you’ll get even more in-depth information on how to beat the retail game.

As always, remember the key words here: revolving and constant, patience and knowledge. Newsletter or not, knowing what you do from the posts to this point already places you ahead of 80% of the mass consumer. Even if you don’t read any further.

Looking forward to sharing the rest that will put you ahead of the other 20% as well,

– Nathan

PS – Don’t forget: get the details on how to find you and your wallet out on top.

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