Your Grocery Store Pays My Student Loans


Student loans are awesome – until you have to repay them.  Depending on your consolidation status, you can even be responsible for continuing to make payments should you meet an untimely demise.  Perhaps worse, alma maters continue to hit you up for money after you graduate even though you are still trying to pay for time served!

Wouldn’t it be nice if people – instead of calling you to request donations for their cause – would detail how they were going to grant you money?  You’re in luck, as today we are uncovering how to “sucker” the corporate world into helping you and your family out when it comes to college expenses.  And I’m not talking about applying for scholarships…

It all starts by signing up for UPromise – it’s FREE.  Once a member, you get access to a huge number of possibilities (my quick math shows over 30,800), all of which are geared toward helping you pay for past, present, and future college expenses.  And despite any connotations my excitement earlier in this post may have conjured up, everything is completely straight-laced (and in fact encouraged).

Similar to FatWallet, UPromise is an affiliate partner to a large number of businesses nationwide.  Each partner pays UPromise a commission for referring your sale, and UPromise then returns a share of that commission to you.  However, they go even farther than FatWallet.  UPromise’s partner network extends past the online world, allowing you to get credit for purchases made at grocery stores, drug stores, and restaurants.

Even better, UPromise can be used in combination with the exclusive strategies we cover in the Dealicacy newsletter*.  And many of their partners offer better returns than can be found on FatWallet.  For example:  eBay returns 2% via UPromise, 1% with FatWallet.

Generally speaking, shopping online after clicking through UPromise’s links to 600+ stores can return anywhere from 1-25%.  Eating one of the over 8,000 partner restaurants (you can search these online via zip code) can net up to an 8% return.  Then there are 22,000 (give or take a few) drug and grocery store locations, which typically have a loyalty card program that matches to UPromise.  These return anywhere from 1-3% of purchase value.

And now for the BEST part about UPromise. If you currently hold a loan funded by Sallie Mae (and there are at least 75 major banks currently on their list that do this), the money you earn from your spending can be applied directly toward chipping away at your existing student loans!  You can also invest in high-yield savings and/or tax-deferred 529 plans, and even request payment by check that can be used for college or other expenses.

The only drawback that I have been able to find – and this is from personal experience – is that most payment activities only occur with a minimum $50 balance.  Meaning, you will need to have at least $50 of settled earnings in your UPromise account before you can divert any funds toward a loan, savings/529 account, or request a check.  If you have more than $50 when the funds “sweep” monthly to their destination then all are used.  But then you have to wait until you reach $50 again…

The answer to this?  Invite your family and friends to sign up and assign you as the beneficiary of their returns!  You can earn at over 2 times the pace this way…  :) Also, don’t forget that UPromise has a pretty good user community as well, helping to come up with creative ways of upping earnings and answering tough linkage-type questions within the program.

Here’s the link again: UPromise

Yours for great deals,

– Nathan

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