Is it Possible to Bargain Shop at Whole Foods?

grocery isle

Whole Foods is one of many specialty stores out there that position themselves at the high-end (premium) portion of the market. They use buzz-words like “organic”, “green”, and “sustainable” and do their best to cater to your convictions while separating you from your cash.

At Dealicacy, we know two things:

  1. Whole Foods is not typically a source of great deals – it is quite pricey to shop there, and
  2. It sure is fun to go shopping there to try all the samples.

Today I would like to recommend an article that was written by someone with a heart similar to ours. Myscha Theriault has put some thought around how to find some great deals at Whole Foods.

Take a look at her twelve ideas and take some mental notes. These tactics are often transferable and definitely not limited to Whole Foods.

Until next time,

– Nathan

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