Dealicacy shares great commentary, tips, and strategy on savings and getting the best possible deals for your money (as well as avoidance of the all-too-frequent rotten ones). We are not a boring daily deal site, and despise those who waste your time by sending out list after list of sale items, promotions, and the like hoping to get you to click and make a purchase.

Instead, this blog helps you understand, strategize, and discover the best “dealicacies.”  Hence our tagline: “Great Deals Start Here.”

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About the Author

Nathan Kress is a 34 year old extreme price detector who started blogging because his friends threatened to tape his mouth shut if he didn’t stop talking about how to engineer the best deals on diet mountain dew, batteries, dog treats, and such. He welcomes deal seekers and shopping strategists from every corner of the internet and persuasion to his blog, Dealicacy!

When not blogging, Nathan uses his powers for good and focuses much of his time on his passions: Family, Running, and lurking on the Internet.

Nathan holds an MBA, is the founder of NAK Success, LLC where he works on client projects (building websites, web applications, fan pages and such), developing his own products, and Internet marketing.  Oh, and in his spare time he also holds a day job at a well-known Fortune 500 Internet Company, following working at a well-known Fortune 500 Retailer for nearly 10 years.


Although I share my advice and thoughts on many different topics, I am not a lawyer, accountant, or financial advisor.  Any advice given or construed is my opinion based on my own personal experience, research, findings, and sometimes stupidity.  Always seek the advice of a professional before acting on something that I might say, and please do form (and share) your own opinions.

Also, please know that I may be benefiting financially or otherwise from the things you may click on, read, or view while on any of my sites.  As such, my content may contain affiliate links where I may receive commission if you decide to purchase something after following them.  However, many (if not most) of the links I post request no contribution on your part and are jam-packed full of free, practical, and beneficial-to-you content.

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