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Why BOGO is Typically A No-No

Let’s take a peek into BOGO: “Buy One Get One” offers. Shoe stores are great at this. A couple of “Famous”-type chains tend to have a seasonal BOGO sale. Lately I have seen this a lot, perhaps due to economic times. Buy One, Get One… Half Off, or maybe even a Buy One, Get One […]

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Nearly 10 Years in Corporate Retail And All I Got Was the Fine Print

Ok, I admit it. My first job out of grad school was a stint in retail. Not a cushy job either. I was part-time store employee at a large, nation-wide retailer. I felt like I had done something wrong. How could this happen – I had an MBA in hand from a ranked school for […]


The Biggest Money-Saving Secret of Them All

With the explosion of coupon and deal sites on the Internet, one might be quick to say that the sure-fire way to saving money is by using coupon codes. After all, you can score percent off, free items, free upgrades, dollars off, and sometimes even stack multiple coupons. These are all great money savers and can help a lot. But there’s something better…