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Your Grocery Store Pays My Student Loans

Student loans are awesome – until you have to repay them.  Depending on your consolidation status, you can even be responsible for continuing to make payments should you meet an untimely demise.  Perhaps worse, alma maters continue to hit you up for money after you graduate even though you are still trying to pay for […]


Retail Strategy Secret #7: Price Skimming

Welcome to the seventh post in our series of “Retail Strategy Secrets”!  Here you will learn the angles, approaches, and tactics retailers are using every day to try and separate you from your hard-earned cash.  Understanding these unlocks the door to spotting great deals, and you never want to pass up a Dealicacy… Price Skimming […]


Back Away… Slowly… (Not All Deals Are Created Equal)

Get back in your car, close the weekly ad, put down the scissors. You only think you are getting the best deal this week. Of course, you could be right. It could be a great deal. One not to be passed up. But are you simply lucky, or two weeks from now (just outside of […]